Goldman Sachs Asset Management Raises $650M For West Street Life Sciences

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, a NYC-based investment and advisory services firm across public and private markets, raised $650M for its West Street Life Sciences I, representing the first fund in the firm’s Life Sciences Investing strategy.

Life Sciences I received equity commitments from a global, diverse group of institutional, strategic and high net worth investors and meaningful commitment from Goldman Sachs employees.

Managed by the Life Sciences Investing Group at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which was established in 2021 and led by Amit Sinha, the strategy is focused on growth-oriented private equity investments in life sciences, specifically targeting early to mid-stage therapeutic companies with multi-asset portfolios in addition to life sciences tools and diagnostics companies. The fund aims to invest in and build the next generation of leading life sciences companies. Goldman Sachs Asset Management has identified several themes of fundamental innovation as well as structural shifts that we believe will drive significant growth in the coming decades. These themes include precision medicine, genetic medicine, cell therapy, immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence. 

Life Sciences I has already committed ~$90M across 5 portfolio companies at the forefront of life sciences innovation: MOMA Therapeutics, Nested Therapeutics, TORL Biotherapeutics, Septerna and Rapport Therapeutics. These investments span precision medicine, immunotherapy, and artificial intelligence in the areas of oncology, neurology and rare disease.

Congratulations, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, on the remarkable achievement of raising $650M for West Street Life Sciences! 🌟💼Here’s to advancing groundbreaking initiatives and making a lasting impact in the world of life sciences. Cheers to success and innovation! 🚀💰 #GoldmanSachsAssetManagement #WestStreetLifeSciences #FundingSuccess

~ Dr Shishir said Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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