Lightmatter Receives Follow On Investment from SIP Global Partners; Now Valued at $1.2B

Lightmatter, a Boston, MA-based company which specializes in photonics compute, received a follow-on investment from SIP Global Partners.

Lightmatter has raised more than $420M to date and is valued at over $1.2B.

The company intends to use the investment to accelerate time to market, scale ts team and open the Toronto office.

Led by CEO Nick Harris, Lightmatter develops and deploys photonic processors, interconnects and software. The company’s foundational technology and hardware and software solutions (Envise, Passage, and Idiom) increase performance and reduces power consumption, advancing the next generation of compute, providing the silicon photonics innovation needed for generative AI, advanced robotics and telecommunications.

A massive congratulations to Lightmatter on securing a follow-on investment from SIP Global Partners, propelling the company to a remarkable valuation of $1.2B! 🌟💡 Wishing you continued success as you lead the way in groundbreaking technologies. Here’s to a future filled with brilliance and transformative advancements! 🚀💸 #Lightmatter #SIPGlobalPartners #ValuationSuccess

~ Dr Shishir said Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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