Game Theory, a real sports gaming platform, has scored a significant $2 million in funding. The backers behind this exciting development include Rainmatter, Rohan Bopanna (the famous Indian tennis player), WEH Ventures, Prequate Advisory, and a group of angel investors, including Balakrishna Adiga.

What makes Game Theory special is its mission to bring together people who are passionate about physical sports. It helps them find like-minded players and organize thrilling games.

The funds raised will serve to further enhance the platform’s technology, establish skill-based matchmaking, introduce coaching products, and expand access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

Sudeep Kulkarni, the founder of Game Theory, shared his enthusiasm, saying that their technology platform with groundbreaking features like real-time scorekeeping, video highlights, and professional-level statistics is set to elevate the overall sports experience for users. He emphasized that this successful fundraising is only the beginning of the transformation that everyday sports can undergo with the power of technology.

Game Theory has ambitious plans, aiming to broaden its reach by increasing the number of sporting centers and introducing new sports like tennis, table tennis, and football to its already diverse offering, which includes sports like badminton, swimming, and squash.

Notably, this investment marks Rainmatter’s initial foray into sports-related ventures. Rainmatter, launched in 2016, is known for supporting innovative startups in the financial technology sector.

Nithin Kamath, the founder of Rainmatter, expressed his enthusiasm for Game Theory’s mission, highlighting the challenge many sports enthusiasts face when trying to find suitable places to play and connect with similarly skilled players. He believes that Game Theory is solving this issue by making sports more accessible to people in India.

It’s also worth noting that Zerodha, Rainmatter’s backer, recently allocated an additional INR 1,000 crore ($121 million) to support its ventures.

Game Theory, the real sports gaming platform, has recently scored a substantial $2 million in funding. It’s incredible to see their ongoing success and the support they’ve received from notable investors like Rainmatter and Rohan Bopanna. Sending our best wishes to the entire Game Theory team!

~ Dr Shishir Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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