If you have been bootstrapping for long and now you have already raised funds from your friends and family, it’s the time to raise funds from the Angel Investors through StartupLanes’ Angel Network.

By this time, your startup must have been doing good in terms of revenue and the growth rate. Let’s move scale up your startup by raising funds through SL Angels and NRI Angels, the two angel networks of StartupLanes.

Mandatory Information

Please read the following article before you read this ahead:

(a) Startup Funding Explained: It is the most important information to understand the funding

(b) Startup Funding Process: A complete step by step process of how funding works

What is the eligibility to apply for Growth Angel Funding?

The following criteria should be fulfilled:

Which type of Startups can be funded?

We are sector agnostic, therefore any type of startup can be funded through StartupLanes.

How much funding can be done?

A funding between INR 1 crores to USD $4 million should be a good target for raising through Growth Angel funding of StartupLanes. The last we did for $4 million was Burger Singh having a ticket size of INR 30 crores through a syndicated deal.

Will StartupLanes take any equity?

No, we will not take any equity. Only success fee and lead & syndication fee shall be charged on success.

Is it mandatory to take the Pitch Deck Bundle Service?

No, in case the Startup has already raised at least 1 crore from any other Angel Network(s) or an iconic angel investor, then there is no need to take the pitch deck bundle as we assume that all the documents will already be in place. However, in case the startup is raising funds from the angel network for the first time, then the pitch deck bundle will be mandatory. Please see the details of Pitch Deck Bundle.

How to apply for Growth Angel Funding by StartupLanes?

Please follow the steps mentioned here: Funding Application